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Navigate the Digital Media Jungle: I empower small and medium-sized businesses to expand their audience and enhance brand recognition. Let's grow together!


My name is Samuel

I am your committed digital consultant, ensuring a safe journey through the digital realm. My mission: utilising my expertise to help individuals and corporations in articulating their story, expanding their audience, and boosting brand recognition through digital marketing. My objective is to facilitate your understanding of the immense potential and advantages of digital marketing, and to guide you in establishing networks and communities that transcend the Internet's boundaries.


From developing campaign ideas and consultation to content creating and social media Management, I'm here to assist your brand in creating your voice and story online.

MacBook Pro on table beside white iMac and Magic Mouse
MacBook Pro on table beside white iMac and Magic Mouse

Are you ready to...

Plan and Create content that's visually pleasing?

Just like you would not wear any type of clothes when going for meetings with clients, the same applies to your online presence. It is important that your online brand represents the type of value, feel and look as your physical presence or even better. Let your audience be excited to view your content!

Develop your brand and turn your audience into paying clients?

One important aspect of selling online is building trust with people who cannot physically see or touch your product. How you build your online brand and engage with your audience will play a role in attracting paying customers.

Build the right target audience?

It may seem easy to target everyone on social media to increase leads but this is not the way to go. If you already have a specific target audience, why not spend wisely to attract the right audience?

Invest in your brand and take your brand to the next level?

The Digital world is much more than just a place to create ads. With the right guidance you can scale your business/brand to have a presence and community worldwide. How would it feel to have a global presence and community?

My blog

Get access to my journey and experiences into the world of marketing, technology and online brand presence. You will get access to my insights, tips and experiences that will change the way you view the world.

white wooden table near brown chair
white wooden table near brown chair

"With keen knowledge of the various aspects of marketing, Samuel takes his work seriously and strives to perform at his best. His calm demeanour and problem solving abilities always come in handy to further resolve crucial projects with ease!

- Vanshika Bakshi (Marketing Manager)

Samuel is very organized in the way he approaches his work, communicates well and is intentional in how he approaches the tasks and projects given to him, exceeding expectations. Additonally, Samuel is open minded, adaptable and works well with others, which makes working with him enjoyable. I am happy to recommend him to anyone looking to work with him.

- Gila Bard (Founder of Gila Media)


"Samuel is a great social media marketer! Polite, professional with fast response. He helps us manage the IG account well, create cool content!

- Sida Zheng (Co-founder Rosen)

"Samuel understands the marketing industry. He aims to give brands a chance to stand out especially in a world where the audience is bombarded by hundreds of advertisements daily. In addition, he runs a podcast where I have had the opportunity to be a guest that shares relevant information and encourages Youth to venture into entrepreneurship through various entrepreneurs' stories."

- Tupac Keith (Co-founder of Health Hub)